Red Hills: Slice of Europe near Ooty

My wife recently got a travel voucher for completing 5 years with her company, so we were pondering over which place to visit to utilize this bounty. We finalized on Red Hills near Ooty. I had read about it a lot and wanted to do this once, but due to budget constraints had to put brakes on this. So thought this as a perfect time to visit Red Hills. We booked the Red Hills Nature resort for 1 day and the transportation from Ooty bus stand as well. We started from Bangalore at 10:30pm on a Friday. We reached Ooty at around 9am on Saturday morning and found the cab waiting for us at the bus stand. The Red hills nature resort is around 35kms from Ooty and the route leading to the resort is breathtaking with lush green countryside.

On the way we come across names like Emerald and Avalanche which reflects the impressions left by the British. The roads till Emerald village are in a good condition but after that it takes a beating and our idea of not driving down from Bangalore to Red Hills turned out to be a good one. We reached Red hills Nature resort at around 11am after taking breaks for taking pictures on the way through the villages of Appukodu and Emerald and the cabbage and carrot plantations all the way.

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