Job Purpose Summary: We are looking for a vibrant female Yoga teacher in the age group of 25 – 35 to take the brand’s Yoga offerings – Yoga tours for US based groups & Yoga promotion at the resort – to the next level.

The candidate acts as a Yoga Instructor to teach and help with all levels of yoga including basic, restorative and vinyasa style classes to guests and also assume the role of a coordinator communicating with clients, staff and management. The candidate should also engage guests on social media.

What we expect; experience, exposure:

•      Prior experience is not mandatory, should be a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher experience is •      Should be open, enthusiastic and pleasant. •      Must be authentic and well aware of all concepts and methods of yoga. •      Exposure to various levels of yoga and to foreign clients is preferred. •      Must communicate effectively with guests, management, and staff members regarding reservations •      Multilingual preferred, English is required •      Social media exposure is preferred

Two areas of responsibilities are;

Yoga tour coordinator

•      Facilitate Yoga tours by Coordinating with the US team and Indian associates. •      Develop unique yoga tour itineraries by understanding the yoga culture of west and east. •      Identify, communicate and bring new yoga teachers and experiences to the trip. •      Work closely with our travel agent and provide all support related to Yoga sessions. •      Own the yoga tour & be the single point of communication for all activities. •      Travel with the group as a yoga teacher and coordinator or identify right people to do so. •      Develop relationship with yoga teachers, travel consultants and other suppliers to increase quality of the tours.

Yoga activities at Red Hill

•      Plan yoga activities for Red Hill Nature resort’s guests. •      Identify Potential Yoga opportunities around the brand. •      Promote the yoga offerings through our different marketing channels, including the website, social media and personal relationships. •      Offer yoga training for guests as required – Part Time Yoga Instructor •      Actively take part in the brands yoga oriented new business ventures; a. New yoga resorts b. Yoga Festivals c. Yoga teacher training •      Be willing to travel •      Should be able to handle large to small groups in a professional, creative, positive, and team-centered manner •      Should be willing to conduct Yoga classes which are held on location, outdoors and possibly indoors as well (early morning to evening) •      Coordinate housekeeping, guest arrival/departures, communication with kitchen regarding meals

Remuneration Not a constraint for the right candidate + Food & accommodation.

This requirement is urgent. We are looking for someone who can join us as soon as possible. If interested in the position, please do call 09746038974. Also email your resume to

The business development associate should be able to solidify relationships with existing clients and developing new clients. The Ideal candidate should be efficient, self-motivated, organised, a good communicator, and IT literate, preferably from Ooty, TamilNadu.

A business development associate takes part in activities and efforts to expand sales and new business.

Job Responsibilities:

•      Administer everyday activities and projects •      Provides ideas to attract new clients and expand sales. •      Develop and maintain knowledge on all office technologies •      Maintains client relationships through regular contact and customer service. •      Makes contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities. •      Assists in the writing of proposals. •      Finds solutions to client problems. •      Keeps up with changes in client environments. •      Understands all of the company’s service offerings and clearly communicates them to clients and prospective clients. •      Attends trade shows, seminars, conferences and industry training programs. •      Generates standard monthly reports and customized reports for clients. •      Recommends short-term and long-term strategies for business expansion through new product lines or enhanced marketing techniques. •      Assists with development of brochures and other marketing literature. •      Assists with website content. •      Establishes and maintains knowledge of products and service offerings. •      Resolves client complaints. •      Makes cold calls for new business. •      Qualifies new prospects. •      Makes sales calls and follows up. •      Schedules meetings and presentations. •      Keeps client database current. •      Keeps prospective client database updated. •      Participates in continuing education courses to stay abreast of technology and trends pertinent to the industry.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

•      Must have strong written and verbal communication skills. •      Must have excellent computer skills •      Must have strong customer service skills. •      Must have the ability to work independently with little supervision. •      Must have excellent interpersonal skills. •      Must have good negotiation skills. •      Must be an active listener. •      Must be detail oriented. •      Must have good organizational skills and be an effective multi-tasker. •      Must have good presentational skills. •      Must be able to work well under pressure, particularly when facing a deadline. •      Knowledge of and ability to leverage social media to market company products and services is essential.

Education and Experience

•      Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business. •      Preferably from Ooty, TN. •      No prior experience required.

Remuneration Not a constraint for the right candidate.

If interested in the position, please do not call. Instead email your Resume to

This position requires a minimum of 3 years as a cook/trained chef. Must know how to coordinate a kitchen. Familiarity with S. Indian cuisine, Chinese, and Italian is preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

•      Prepare meals and Preserve food quality. •      Be responsible for everything that goes out of the kitchen/responsible for approving all prepared food items that leave kitchen. •      Plan, modify and create new menus as needed so that they remain effective. •      Ensure quality culinary dishes are served on schedule and see that any problems that arise are rectified. •      Perform administrative duties including ordering supplies, managing staff and reporting to the general manager. •      Maintain impeccable personal hygiene as well as high work and safety standards in the workplace. •      Be able to spot problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently. •      Maintain a level head, and delegate many kitchen tasks simultaneously as required. •      Maintain complete control of the kitchen at all times and command the respect of his or her kitchen staff. •      Recruiting and training new staff.

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This position requires someone who writes smart, clever copy with a clear idea of how to package the concept. We put your words on pretty webpages. Clients say “ooh, nice!”
We are looking for a full time housekeeping assistant, preferably, from Ooty or Coimbatore. Graduates or diploma holders in Hotel management are preferred, however other graduates with a temperament for hospitality can also apply. Multilingual preferred, English is required.

Housekeeping assistant is responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment taking full account of service users’ wishes. He or she should be aware at all times of the health, safety and welfare of the service users, other members of staff and visitors and the safety and security of the building.

Main Duties include:

•      Clean rooms, work areas, equipment and surfaces. •      Monitor and maintain the cleanliness of environments. •      Deliver a quality service. •      Evaluate practice and use new knowledge to continually improve practice. •      Relate to and interact with service users and other people in a manner that maintains their self esteem and a positive self image. •      Maintain healthy and safe practices in the Home. •      Participate in training and attend meetings. •      Represent the Home positively at all times when dealing with enquiries and receiving visitors. •      Work to the Company’s Policies and Procedures at all times. •      Undertake other duties that may be required in line with this level of post.

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We are looking to build a model for sustainable housing and community in south India, we hope to, then recreate these models in other parts of India. We are looking for exceptional talent that has keen eye for sustainable architecture, utilizing the latest development in technology, architecture and eco-friendly design.


Redhill Realty, a real estate development firm in the Nilgiris district, Tamilnadu, India, is built on the principles of preserving nature to the maximum extent in the homes built, making the least impact on the ecosystem of the particular region – Nilgiris, where it primarily operates and providing thought leadership for luxury estate developers.

We blend architectural design with environmental awareness. Advocating the use of building materials less harmful to the environment and design structures that require less natural resources, such as electricity, water and petroleum products, we would like our Architects, the principal planners and designers of a construction project, to plan and design for the region after a careful analysis of each location. When they work to create initial designs for a new structure, consider to bring the best of sustainability using their expertise to ensure that projects have less environmental impact and better energy efficiency.

They work both independently and in teams. While architects are often solely responsible for large parts of a building’s design, they also see a project through from beginning to end, and need to be able to work closely with a number of different groups.

Job Responsibilities:

•      Be responsible for building world’s best eco-friendly homes suitable for the location, primarily Nilgiris, Tamilnadu, India. •      Design or plan construction of green building projects to minimize harm to the environment or conserve energy. •      Design environmentally-friendly structures in the building such as natural lighting systems, green roofs, or rainwater collection systems. •      Analyze information from project clients regarding soil conditions, site topography, and local weather conditions. •      Perform predesign services, such as feasibility or environmental impact studies. •      Integrate engineering elements into a unified design. •      Plan or design structures such as homes, office buildings, theatres, factories, or other structures in accordance with environmental, safety, or other regulations. •      Review relevant regulations from authorities having jurisdiction over a particular site or project. •      Prepare and administer contract documents for building contractors. •      Prepare and disseminate all types of project information, such as designs, structure specifications, materials, budgets, and schedules. •      Review contractor bid documents. •      Monitor the construction process to make sure that building plans are being correctly implemented. •      Research new building technology.

Education & Credentials

•      Have a bachelor’s degree or higher in architecture •      Complete internship/work experience requirements and earn an architect’s license •      Have knowledge of sustainable design principles and techniques •      Have knowledge of building and construction methods


•      Certifications are examinations that test or enhance your knowledge, experience, or skills in an occupation or profession. •      There are no standard certification requirements, however LEED Accredited Professional certification is preferred.

If interested in the position, please do not call. Instead email your latest resume to