Trekking in the hilltops and valleys around the Red Hills area allows you to immerse yourself in the spectacular physical beauty of the best kept secret of the Nilgiris, whose climate is often sunnier and kinder than the surrounding regional forests. Landscaped by nature, the hills have many treks for all ages. Our guides are trained, experienced and educated to facilitate you walking away with a better understanding of issues confronting the area.

Trek to Red Hill Peak:

Moderate difficulty. Scheduled everyday, 10am – 12pm.

An after breakfast hike is best way to start out the day. Not to mention, get a better view of the blue haze over the Emerald and Avalanche valleys. This peak of red hill is the 4th tallest peak in Nilgiris. The uphill trek has steep ascent in the beginning and can be exhaustive to the core. At the summit you get to see the Emerald and Avalanche dams, few barren mountains of Mukurthi.

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