Red Hills Tea Estate

Red Hills estate was originally built as a Tea Plantation in 1875. Unfortunately the original factory was burned down in 1990 and is now in the process of being rebuilt.

Mr. Vijay Kumar is the owner and is proficient at the art of making tea. Vijay Kumar born into a tea growing family has grown and produced tea for the last 40 years. 

A little bit about our teas

Our teas are grown at a high altitude of about 7,200 feet, planted in 1875 with old China plants. The plantation is organic, leaves handpicked and handcrafted.

The Black, Green, Oolong and the White tea produced here are of an exceptional quality, delicate, filled with aroma and with great notes.

These are all small quantity teas produced with utmost care and love.

Black Tea


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Green Tea


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White Tea


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Oolong Tea


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