Important things for you to know before you arrive.

We are close to a forest.

This is a nature retreat. It’s ideal for people that are looking to explore nature and/ or just relax.

We do not have TVs in the room, or in common spaces. We do however have  Wi-Fi in each of the bedrooms and the dining room.

We have six dogs on the property. So we don’t permit other dogs on the property.


If you do not have a reservation for a stay or for lunch, you are not permitted on the property.

We charge Rs.1500.00 for lunch. This charge is only for guests who are not currently staying at the property. For guests who are staying at the property, this charge is covered in the room price. 

Please make a reservation a few days in advance. Please do not show up at the property without a reservation.

All meals are served Buffet style.

Do not tip the staff directly. Please put all tips into the common tip jar located in the dining room.

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