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Tea is for Tradition

Tea is for Tradition

Red Hill Teas are grown at about 7200 ft above sea level, providing the ideal altitude, sunshine and mist that are benchmarks of growing exceptional China teas. Our teas are primarily known for its smooth brisk taste and versatile nature. Red Hills has been growing tea for over a century, which brings us to our expert in the field, Mr. Vijay Kumar. He has learned from generations before him how to care for and process tea to the utmost quality and standards. If you would like to learn about the process, the mastery and perfection in a cup of chai…just ask the expert. You’ll never find a finer tea anywhere else.

Our Process:

Tea is firstly harvested, and then the leaves are withered using blown air. It is then processed either through crush and curl (CTC), which is when the leaves are processed en-masse using giant rollers with teeth, or orthodox processing where each leaf is curled separately. Only high-quality tea is processed by hand. The leaves are then oxidized under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. When the desired level of oxidation has been reached, the leaves are fired to halt the oxidation process. The leaves are finally sorted into grades according to their size, using with the use of sieves. The sizes are, from largest to smallest: whole leaf, broken leaf, fanning and dust.

Tea Time at Redhills

Tea Time is three to four times per day and served to all the guests at visiting Red Hills. We take pride in the tradition and find it beneficial to our guest’s health and wellbeing. Since it’s been in the family for years, you will never find it bitter or weak. Our tea is brewed to the perfect boiling point and served hot, meant for slow sips over relaxed conversation. Try it plain or sweetened. Iced tea is also available upon request.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is a rich source of antioxidants, which have been linked with cancer prevention, decreased heart disease and lowered cholesterol. Black tea is rich with antioxidants called polyphenols – or tannin – which is known to prevent damage to cells. Damage to body cells is an early sign of cancer. Tannin is known for its ability to help DNA cells reproduce accurately, thus preventing abnormalities from forming.


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